Thursday, May 17, 2012

City Update 3

Hey Everyone,

Here's the latest building for my city layout. It's a custom garage I designed using "The Toolkit Bundle" I purchased ($155) from Evan's Designs. This garage is huge. The foot print is 10" x 10" and the walls are 5" high. Lot's of room inside to add a bunch of accessories. I'm going to design a small office inside and also add a bunch of other details. As noted on a previous post. I'm designing the base buildings first just to fill up my board then I will go back add a lot more detail and weathering at a later time.

I think the program is well worth the price. It allows you to design your buildings in any scale you want and with all the different brick/stone/wood/steel and ton of other options the possabilities are endless. The only downside is that there are no interiors. What I did for the garage build to get the interiors is to print them using the mirror option on my printer. This should give to a reversed image that fits perfectly. If your printer doesn't have the mirror option simply design your build with everything centered or aligned so both sides are the same. Another option is to just print the walls without anything on them (windows, doors, etc.). Then print a sheet of windows, doors and add them where you like. Easy!!

I still have a lot more buildings I want to design and will post them as they spring up.

Here are a few more pictures showing all sides and the interior. As you can see the walls were extremely enticing to taggers since they are nice and tall. Who knows? They may still be around ;) The graffiti was inspired by Vampifan's image. Thanks again Vamp.

If you have any questions please let me know and don't be shy about adding me to your follow list please =).


  1. Looking pretty good mate!

    I have to get hold of some of these road tiles. Too long have I strugled to make decent roads in my little city.

    Vampifan and several others use these to great effect. And now you. Time to cave in and get them!!

    1. Hi LS,

      Thanks. The roads are quite handy. I was originally going to do the painted board style as well but thought about it and didn't want to be locked on the same street layout all the time so I opted to go with the modular type. They are very easy to make. I created a nice stack in about an hour. They are made from hard board and I used a white marker for the lines. I made 12" x 6" and 6" x 6" sections. I still haven't made the curves but they should be just as easy. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers

  2. Good looking stuff. Thanks for the reviews, they are helpful to hand wringers like myself. Now following your blog, keep up the good work.