Thursday, May 10, 2012

City update 2

Here are a few more pics as promised from my last post.

The two building in the pictures above are Stoelzel's Structures. The building with the awning is The Market and a 3 story brick building is from the Modular Urban Center Kit (M.U.C.K.). The Muck kit is great buy for $15. It comes with 6 pre designed building in a couple different styles. It also comes with wall brink blanks so you can add as many windows, doors, signs, etc as you wish. They all have a variety of interiors as well. The sidewalks are also from the Muck kit. Here's a link so you can check out all the info if you like.
Stoelzel's Structures M.U.C.K.

The beige building on the left is a Sarissa apartment building that's under construction. I purchased their mixed bundle deal along with the warehouse and a few extra buildings a couple months ago. I just haven't had the time to work on them. I might borrow Lucky Joe's color schemes. He did a great job on them and that's what made me buy them. Kudo's to you LJ =)

Next item are the streets. I was going to go with the WWG streets but they are a bit small for me. They look great but I wanted streets that are a bit wider so I made my own. I made them using hard board (the stuff that's in most picture frames behind the picture) and a white marker for the lines. The straights are 6" x 6" and the intersection is 8" x 8" with the corners curved out so the sidewalks corners would fit flush. I also made a few 12" x 6" sections. I will make some curves and other street sections later.

The building above is from Warm Acre called "The Club". Cost was $3.95. Warm Acre offers a few nice buildings but the are exterior builds - no insides. I'm going to do a kit bash later and add an interior once I get a nice set of buildings for my layout done. The corner where it sits is not complete. I just placed it there to fill the corner for the pictures. It will have it's own 2' x 2' section with a fence around it and parking. The name will also be changed to the "Badda Bing". Reaper has a great zombie strippers 3 pack that are going to be perfect for it. They also have urban zombies 3 pack that has a cop, a john and a hooker. You can check them out on my webstore item numbers 50213 and 50038. All the vehicles pictured are also available along with a bunch of others.

Here are a few more pictures of the build.

These are the next two buildings that I'm working on. I should have them done soon.

After these I'll get started on the Sarissa buildings. I really need to get some minis painted too.
I have over 200 zombies that need painting. Will the fun ever end =P

I hope you enjoyed the update. Tell your friends. More to follow.


  1. Your buildings look very good, but I'm particularly impressed with your scratchbuilt roads. They look very professional. Big thumbs up from me!

    1. Thank you, That mean's a lot to me coming from the master builder =). The Market has a complete interior the other one is just the frame for now. Once I get enough buildings I'll go back and add all the details.

      I just posted a review on Paper Crafting. Let me know your thoughts.

  2. Wow, that's a great looking table. Thanks very much for the kind words and the link to my Sarissa buildings. You're doing a great job with the MUCK kit. I have that one but haven't used it yet. I'll be able to come back here and see how to make them right.